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Dear Pilot Escort Driver,


Early in 2009 we started a database, (now with 4100+ Pilot Escort Drivers,) with two goals in mind:

#1 An Up-to-date list of Pilot Escorts, quick and easy list for a dispatcher, and make this available for everyone for free;

#2 Put a web page together of both good and bad company’s, of truck drivers, and dispatchers; even Pilot/Escorts. This is for any non-paying and slow paying clients / jobs, that you have run loads for; a rating system. This is the “Hall of Fame and Hole of Shame” page.  Together we can make it harder for the few that are due their just rewards. This could be priceless!


There is no place on the internet where the majority or drivers are listed at one spot, nor any place to warn them of bad loads; with your help we can change that!


So far everyone seems to approve of this venture, with over 500 who have confirmed their information.


Please check your information at: State links.

(Please use internet explorer, data page doesn’t work well with Firefox.)



Look around the different States listed, (click on the lower tabs to change States,) you’ll see that there are plain rows (un-confirmed escorts,)  plain rows in Bold (confirmed escorts,)  blue rows  and green rows, confirmed escorts many with links for e-mails, websites, and some with “more info” on the far right row.


Your website, email link, and contact information will always be added to your row for free; doesn’t matter what level you choose. Those who just wish to confirm their information will have their row in bold text, and this is all free.


Those who wish to see their listing be on a Blue Row, there will be a cost of $7 a year, that’s less than .59 cents a month. (Those already on a Blue Row, will stay that way until Aug 2010.)


Those who wish to see their listing on a Green Row, there will be a cost of $12 a year, that’s only $1 a month. Besides being listed at the top of your State page, so you are seen first before scrolling down the pages, green sponsors will be listed twice, at the top and then down the list according to their city.

And they get a html link/page made for you under the More Info column. The main reason for the $12 is the amount of time this site takes, plus bandwidth and server space costs. (Sure not getting rich here!) We also need to limit these html files to less the 1mg.


Something new for "GREEN ROW  Sponsors," along with the "More Info html page," you'll be added to the "Google map page." This took some time to do, but it’s a cool tool, may need to limit map links to just one Co. per link / tag.


Having more information about you quickly available could be a real advantage. This gives the truck driver/company and or dispatcher more information at hand before they even start making calls.


To add and or update your information, (or to just confirmed,) send an email.

Or use the link on the next line (our preferred method:)

Pilot Escort Driver Update Page

(This is a form you can easily submit and or correct your information.)


Please print your contact info!  Send any info and payment by mail to:



The main focus started with the “Hall of Fame and Hole of Shame.” Wanted a useful site supported by the Pilot/Escort drivers, not a site full of ads. Please, include any “No or slow pay job report,” for the “HALL OF FAME & HOLE OF SHAME” submission page. (This is the “Hall of Fame, Hold of Shame” report form only, you can easily submit and or correct information here.) Let us know who you’ve had problems with. Please do your research and give as much info as you know. To learn more go to my 1st Bad Boy


There are 4 levels of support:

# 1. Confirm your information, have your row in bold text, (free,)

# 2. Your listing as a Blue Row, there will be a cost of $7,

# 3. Your listing as a Green Row, with More Info at a cost of only $12,

# 4.  Information for the “HALL OF FAME AND HOLE OF SHAME” everyone wins!  


Thanks in advance!


Randy Read


The database page we’ve put together has protected content; which means its preventing others from viewing the source code, it will help stop spam robots from extracting website & email addresses (less spam,) as well as prevent people from using automated downloader’s to copy the entire web page to their hard drive. There are encryption methods and a variety of features like right click copy disabled, printing disable. This data is not being sold, and every effort is taken to keep it from being sold! The data will stay fairly safe, yet still useable for all to use. Why try to copy something that is outdated and changes almost weekly?


It takes about 6 hours to safeguard and compile the database, so please don’t look for your updated info to show up ASAP. Can’t be done while out on a escort load. It may take a week or two, special effort is always given to those offering financial support of any kind.



PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS for the Pilot Car Industry

1. Treat other pilots as you would like to be treated.

2. Do not talk about other pilots in a negative manner with the driver, other pilots on the job or on the radio. Though, this is sometimes very hard not to do.

3. Do not discuss rates with the driver or another pilot(s) on the job. You only need to discuss rates with whoever dispatched you.

4. Do not argue with another pilot or the truck driver on the job.

5. Dress in a professional manner. You are a representative of your company, the trucking company and the pilot car industry.

6. Be polite to the general public and the ones you are working with. What you do reflects on the pilot car industry as well as the trucking company you are working for.

7. Make sure you have all the proper equipment needed and it is in good working order.

8. Work together, be professional, help make this an industry we can all be proud of.



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